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Juniper Education

The Juniper Education web portal gives you the chance to use a library of interactive CPD publications. To login, you will need an account provided by your school or by Juniper Education directly.

You can also use the publications on mobile devices by downloading the app from either Google Play or the App Store (links at the bottom of this page).

Privacy policy

The Juniper Education portal does not collect any personal information. However, your administrator at your providing organisation will be able to match your name and other details that they already have about you to your account, so that they can track your use of the publications.

As you work through publications, usage data is collected including the amount of a publication you have read, activities you have completed and self-evaluation scores. This usage data is shared with your administrator at your providing organisation so that they can track your use of the publications. Anspear can also access this usage data, although they may not have any other personal data about you to link it to.

Notes and activities

This site allows you to add notes to particular pages and complete written activities. Notes and activity answers are stored on Anspear's servers so that they can be synced when you use the same publication on another platform or device. Anspear stores this data securely and does not routinely access it or share it with any other person or organisation. However, you are advised not to enter sensitive or personal information into notes or activities in publications using this app.